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Now when most Bitcoin exchanges has been hacked and disappeared, we recommend you to spend your time at

Exchange Fee Trading API Owned By Based In Server Location
TradeHill 0.50% exclusive to customers referred by us. Yes TradeHill Co. Ltd. (Unconfirmed) Chile Sweden
Bitcoin7 0.57% Yes AbuDhabi 2010 LTD, tax number 201367656 Bulgaria Bulgaria
Mt. Gox 0.55% + deposit/withdrawal fees Yes Tibanne Co. Ltd. Japan United States

Buy BitcoinsThis is a plain and simple list of places where you can buy Bitcoins. We also provide an easy to read table of available currencies and payment options of each trustworthy site where you can buy Bitcoins. We expect the following months to be quite exciting when it comes to news and changes to the Bitcoin markets, so we will try to keep you and the top list updated.

Welcome to Buy Bitcoins Here

Shortly, we will start to write about all the places where you can buy Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a new and exciting crypto-currency, driven by a peer-to-peer network and steps have been taken to protect your privacy so it works almost as anonymously as cash.

The Bitcoin currency is still young and in Beta, so we are all waiting for better wallet clients and trading places. We are monitoring the developments of the Bitcoin trading places and the main list of recommended Bitcoin exchanges will be updated whenever there is a good reason to put focus on another exchange or if a new interesting exchange shows up.

The fact that most exchangea are still struggling with uptime, stability, features and general performance, we expect the Bitcoin exchange toplist to change frequently in the following months before things calm down.